Backpacking: Protect your backpack

Backpacking: Protect your backpack

Backpackers love adventure and only travel with the bare essentials. If the essentials get lost or broken, the Bagtap helps to find them again.

Backpackers: Protect your backpack

Backpackers deliberately choose a backpack that has limited space to limit themselves to the most essential travel essentials. The appeal is to find out which things are really essential and vital. Moreover, with a backpack you are more flexible and you can travel more easily. The longer the journey, the more important the contents of the rucksack become. All belongings are collected in one place. If the rucksack remains lying around or gets lost on another way, a luggage tag signals to a finder that the rucksack belongs to someone and can be returned.

Securing your backpack from a distance

With the digital backpack tag, personal information and daily destinations can be attached to the backpack. Once the tag is attached firmly to the backpack, the stored information can be changed and adapted at any time and from any place. Thus, the quickly changing contact addresses and destinations can be updated in less time during a backpack trip. The finder then only has to follow the simple instructions on the bagtap (scan NFC or QR code) and contact the owner.

Robust trailers with data protection

The Bagtap trailers are robust, waterproof and extremely durable - perfect for a backpack holiday. The pendants are available in different colours, everyone can decide for himself whether the pendant should be rather conspicuous or unobtrusive. No matter which variant you choose: The trailer does not reveal any personal data at first sight. Due to the protected access to the tap21 portal, all visible information can be viewed and changed by the owner of the bagtap at any time.