Find lost suitcases with the bagtap

Find lost suitcases with the bagtap

Thanks to the flexible contact details on the bagtap, a lost case can be returned to its owner particularly quickly and efficiently. 

Lost luggage: Find it again with Bagtap

When travelling, luggage is the most important companion. If your own suitcase or bag is lost, it is important to have taken the best possible precautions in advance to be able to find your most important things again. In order to find the owner of a lost suitcase, it can be provided with a tag with your most important contact details. The Bagtap is a digital luggage tag and therefore offers some advantages that a classic tag with simple inscription or engraving cannot provide.

Best possible protection through Bagtap

If your luggage gets lost, be it in the airport, on public transport or any other kind, an honest finder is usually the last hope of finding it. Therefore it is an advantage if this finder has the best possible information about the owner. The Bagtap provides this information through its built-in NFC chip, or alternatively, a QR Code. By describing the bagtap with the contact and travel data through our portal, it can be determined individually which information is to be seen.

Contact data on a conventional bagtap is usually limited due to the size of the card. In addition, lettering, stickers, or even engravings can disappear or wear out over time. The Bagtap is robust and the stored data is only visible after a scan. Besides the "basics" like name, phone number and e-mail contact, any other information can be stored on the bagtap. This information can be changed, supplemented and made visible or invisible online at any time with the smartphone.

Digital luggage tag: NFC and QR Code

Although a QR Code is currently still more common, it is slowly but surely being replaced by the NFC chip in some areas. The NFC chip can, like a QR Code, forward to an external internal page. The chip is invisible and not directly recognizable. Furthermore, the chip cannot wear out, as is the case with a printed QR Code. If you want to learn more about NFC technology, also in comparison to similar technologies, read About NFC - QR Code vs. NFC.