Luggage protection for frequent travellers

Luggage protection for frequent travellers

For frequent travellers the most importand thing is their luggage. It can always happen that something gets lost or gets left behind. For such cases there is the Bag-tap.

Bag-tap especially for frequent travellers

There are many motives why people travel. Some to find a clear head and escape from everyday life, others to gather new inspirations. Others want to discover foreign cultures and get in touch with people, others escape into the wild nature and reflect on themselves. However, one thing probably connects them all: to broaden their horizons, discover the world and have the feeling of adventure. Who travels a lot also travels many ways with various means of travel. In order to get from A to B, a car, bicycle or bus is often used in addition to the plane and train. Sometimes even on foot or by boat. At each waypoint there are new challenges to master and the view cannot always be everywhere - especially not on the most valuable companion: your own luggage.

A safe feeling with Bagtap

Bagtap is the most reliable travel companion. The digital luggage tag is securely attached to the case by a metal ring and does not reveal any personal information at first glance. Only at second glance and by scanning with a smartphone (NFC and QR code are available), the personal data can be viewed. The data on the tag can be changed at any time. This offers a big advantage especially for frequent travellers: If a new hostel is approached, no new trailer has to be attached. The new address only has to be entered into the smartphone via the platform.

Labeling trailers from a distance

This also means, of course, that the luggage tag can be labeled remotely. At the same time, information can also be easily shown and hidden. This means there is no need to worry about whether the current travel data is currently available on the luggage tag. Especially for frequent travellers this is a great relief and gives a safe feeling for the worst case: the loss of luggage.