Case of loss of luggage

Case of loss of luggage

What to do if the luggage gets lost?

The baggage claim is running and your suitcase is not among the luggage. At the latest now you know that it was not on the flight or got lost on the way to the conveyor belt. This scenario happens to about 2.2 billion passengers per year. As a rule, 95% of all baggage reported as lost is recovered within the first 5 days and handed over to the owner.

What is the right thing to do in case of loss?

Alternative 1: Immediately after the loss of baggage, report it to the baggage counter. This is usually located near the arrival hall of the airport. This baggage counter is often marked "Lost and Found". In the meantime, have the flight tickets on which the stickers of your luggage were affixed at check-in ready.

At the baggage counter, you must provide a detailed description of your baggage. Photos of your luggage are also helpful. You will then be given a reference number, and you must provide your address and telephone number. If your suitcase is locked, you will be asked for your PIN or, if necessary, the key to the number lock, as customs also want to check it from time to time.

With a little luck, the luggage will be delivered to the front door on the same day. When the recovered luggage is delivered, priority is given to all foreign passengers who do not give their home address.

Alternative 2: If you are not able to complain about the loss directly at the airport, you can also make a written complaint to the respective airline as an option. In this case, however, deadlines must be observed. The written complaint must be submitted to the airline within 21 days. The situation is different for damaged luggage. In this case a complaint must be submitted to the airline within seven days.

If the luggage is found by a private person, a luggage tag with contact details attached from the outside helps to contact the owner. For such a case we have developed the Bagtap digital address tag.