Digital address tag with data protection

Digital address tag with data protection

The Bagtap is does not reveal any personal information at first sight. At the same time, however, the tag stores more information than any other conventional luggage tag. 

Data protection in the digital address tag

If you lose your own luggage, panic is often widespread. But mostly lost luggage can be found again. Very few suitcases are lost completely during an air journey. There are international contact stations for this purpose, which will arrange for misrouted luggage. However, suitcases can also be left behind when travelling by car or train. If this is the case, finders can contact the owner - but only if the suitcase has the appropriate information. The simpler and less complicated the information is attached to the piece of luggage, the higher the chances that a finder will contact the owner. Bagtap is a digital suitcase tag that enables exactly that.

Data protection at first sight

Conventional suitcase cards have an imprint or similar with your own contact details. Usually it is the full name and a telephone number. Especially when travelling, the suitcase is exposed to many looks and touches. Sensitive data can be seen in a matter of seconds. What can be an advantage in case of loss is too much in some situations.

At first glance, the Bagtap digital address tag does not contain any personal data. Only at a second, closer look can the NFC symbol and the QR code be seen. The personal data can only be read when a smartphone is placed on the tag or is in the immediate vicinity. Furthermore, the stored data can be made invisible or changed at any time. To do so, they only have to be adjusted in the

Versatility of NFC products

Thanks to the NFC chip built into the bagtap, the trailer can be scanned in all light and weather conditions. All it needs is a smartphone. Meanwhile every modern smartphone can read NFC tags, on the other hand there is also a common QR code on the bagtap. More about reading NFC tags with a smartphone can be found here. NFC tags can be processed and protected in many different ways, making their use extremely versatile. Small amounts of data can be stored directly on the tag or, as in the case of the bagtap, forwarded to online data. In addition to the bagtap, we have also developed a dogtap that basically works in a similar way: On the dog collar all necessary data is stored, which helps to find the pet when it runs away. You can read more about the Bagtap and Dogtab here.